Filtr8 Lab Vacuum Filtration Stick
Filtr8 Lab Vacuum Filtration Stick
Filtr8 Lab Vacuum Filtration Stick

Filtr8 Lab Filtration Vacuum Stick

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Filtr8 Lab Vacuum Filtration Stick

Do your lab experiments take way to long and rely on noisy or unreliable equipment? The Filtr8 Vacuum Stick is a high volume hand pump perfectly suited for hobbyists, students, and schools. Just connect the silicone tubing to your vacuum filtration flask, and start pumping. An integrated check valve will keep the pressure in the tubing where it can work and not bleed off through the pump.


The Filtr8 vacuum filtration pump replaces cumbersome and unreliable hand pumps to provide a consistent vacuum source to speed the filtration process and your experiments. The pump produces a maximum vacuum in the range of 25-28 inches of Hg.


Click to see Filtr8 Vacuum Stick in Action! 

This item is the pump and tubing only. The filtration flasks and funnels are shown for context and demonstration only.

Not for use with caustic or flammable chemicals. Primarily intended for dry and aqueous vapors.

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