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vacuum filtration kit

Increased Productivity for Small Labs 

vacuum filtration kit

Increase Efficiency

What could you do with the time spent hand pumping to filter your solutions? With a Filtr8 vacuum filtration kit, you can just flip a switch and filter! Best of all, you can do other things while Filtr8 does the work.

Amazing Value

Everything you need to filter. Filtr8 vacuum filtration kit pumps are oil-free, a little larger that a computer mouse, and about as quiet as a real one! Whether you need just the pump or the whole vacuum filtration kit. Filtr8 has you covered.

vacuum filtration kit

Green Solution

Oil-free vacuum pumps. Saves water compared to aspirators.

Saves Time

Just flip the switch and let Filtr8 provide the vacuum while you do other things

Silent Operation

Nearly silent when compared to full size vacuum pumps.


Use Filtr8 pumps as your primary vacuum source or as a backup for a central system.

vacuum filtration kit

Money-Back Guarantee

We’re 100% confident that our vacuum filtration kit will increase your lab's productivity 

Order now with complete confidence and if it’s not for you, just return the product within 30 days and we’ll refund your money 

vacuum filtration kit
  • vacuum filtration kit

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  • vacuum filtration kit

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  • vacuum filtration kit

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Filtration Flask

Material: borosilicate 3.3 glass

Funnel Capacity: 300ml 

Uses 47 or 50mm diameter filter paper

Acid-resistant, corrosion-resistant

Autoclavable and can be sterilized under 180℃

Max working temperature:200℃

Filtr8 Lab Filtration Pump

Includes EVA Storage Case

Vacuum Pressure: 100-130 in H2O (4-5 PSI)

Max Flowrate (unloaded): 2.8 Liters/ Min

Electrical Plug: Type A (USA/ Canada)

Input: 120VAC, 60 Hz

Power Usage: 2 Watts

Primarily Intended for Dry or Aqueous Vapors

vacuum filtration kit

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  • vacuum filtration kit

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  • vacuum filtration kit

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vacuum filtration kit