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Small Lab Vacuum Filtration Pumps

Small Lab Vacuum Filtration Pumps



Are you a small research, testing, or development team in need of efficient hardware solutions? Are you a professor who wants all your students to have the equipment they need for upcoming course material? Look no further than our small laboratory vacuum pumps. Available in both US and UK specifications, our convenient pumps take care of filtration grunt work so you can focus on important tasks. Read below to discover more about what makes our products so useful.

Easy to Install and Set-Up

While some laboratories enjoy the advantages of significant budgets and centralized equipment, not all labs are equipped with these same kinds of leverage. When you’re a small team of dedicated researchers, every piece of equipment counts, which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping your bottom line. Our small lab vacuum filtration pumps utilize minimal support equipment, require no manual pumping, and involve minimal setup.

Small Parts with Quiet Operation

One of the difficult aspects of many electric pumps is they tend to take up a lot of space or produce more noise than is desirable. With Filtr8 Labs’ small lab vacuum filtration pumps, you can wave goodbye to these concerns. Our complete pump unit is housed in hardware that’s a little larger than a computer mouse and weighs roughly one pound.

Maximize Your Workday Efficiency

The most powerful feature of our lab filtration pump is once you set it up and switch it on, it runs while you perform other tasks. If you have other responsibilities to attend to during your working day, you can simply return to the pump when it’s done filtering. Our clients love the newfound efficiency this affords their research and development projects!

Ready to find a filtration pump that suits your lab’s needs? Browse our products here. If you have any questions, email us, and we’ll be happy to respond quickly.